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WorldWide Drilling Resource May 2015 issue

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This month's Editorial Focus is: PUMPS, PUMPS - can’t get enough!


Pumps: Another Look

This month’s editorial focus is on pumps, so I thought I’d stay with the focus this time,...             more


Water from the Wind

Windmills have been used to move water for livestock since the 1600s; but did you know modern windmills are still providing reliable,...             more


Heavy Load, Frigid Conditions, Remote Location...No Problem!

What do you do when you have one borehole, need water pumping right away, and cannot afford downtime due to pump failure?            more


Noisy Pump Part 2

To stop the noise, I decided to have them put in 1½-inch pipe all the way to the tank, about 40 linear feet away.             more


Family Legacy

The Clark Family’s history in the Texas Panhandle water well business be-gan 60 years ago...             more


My Pump Quit Working

On a recent phone call from a customer, he said his phone rang the previous Friday afternoon.             more


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