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WorldWide Drilling Resource February 2015

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This month's Editorial Focus is: IN A WORD ~ BITS!


More About Bits

The topic this month is focused on bits. Bits advance a borehole in whatever type of drilling...             more


Know Your Directional Drilling Bits

Horizontal directional rock drilling brings a number of technical challenges. The bidding process alone is challenging...             more


Bit Options for Environmental Drilling

Choosing the right bit is a critical decision in the environmental drilling process. Since the early part of last century,...            more


It’s Time to Get More From Your Blasthole Bit

Introduced to the drilling community in 2014, Varel International’s Avenger™ series bits includes five patented features,...             more


Fit for a King

Founded by brothers Larry and Randy Broseh in 2004, Drill King International’s story began at a machine shop...             more


Progress of the Bit Broker PDC Line

Bit Brokers International introduced its line of PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) bits to their line-up of products in 2009.             more


Dull Grading: A Simple and Effective Practice

Dull grading the condition of a rock bit when it comes out of the hole is an important but often overlooked field operation.             more


Increased Profit, Decreased Stress

Cutting costs while maintaining integrity is essential for drilling contractors to stay competitive in their markets.             more


The Competitive Edge

In the Oklahoma City area, there are approximately 96 water well drilling companies. Though the recession and its aftermath             more

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